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I’ve added a selection of videos to support you and your Pilates practice at home especially while we can’t do our classes in the normal way during lockdown.

I’ve included some basic videos, some longer routines  and some sessions that are starting to add more challenge.

It will be obvious as you use them that I have restrictions and limitations that my 50 + year old body has developed over the years, but my posture, range of movement and body awareness are the best they’ve ever been. Hopefully Pilates will enable me to retain and even improve function without injury as I get older – and this is what I hope for you.

With this in mind please make sure you move with attention to detail – this is the USP underpinning Pilates. Believing you need to work harder or with more challenging movements will not make you stronger or more flexible unless you are breathing correctly, aligned properly and are engaging in the right way.

If you’d like me to add anything please get in touch.

Have fun x


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