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This series of movements is from the Classical repertoire – they provide a complete body engagement. Not only will you work on alignment and core – you’ll also strengthen your shoulders and arms, mobilise leg joints from toes to hips and get some lengthening into your hamstrings.

I’ve broken down this version to show ways of adapting the sequence. This will make it more achievable for those of us who may find the full movement a bit too challenging, or because we’re moving with limitations.  I’ve also included adaptations for those with osteoporosis. The final version is the most challenging.

You’ll notice that my legs don’t fully straighten and that I struggle to do a version which would be considered ‘perfect’. I’m cautious not to force the movement so I go to the end of my range, knowing that I may still have work to do! The key is to understand the purpose of the exercise, listen to your body, go slow with an aim and intention to be precise, and you will get the benefit!

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