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The ‘Abs series of 5’ is a fantastic routine which works your body awareness, breath and core through its dynamic flow – developing your strength, flexibility, precision and stamina. However, it is very challenging to do well and many of us, including me, need to have adaptations so we can get the same benefits, understand the key points and develop technique. We can stick with these adaptations or use them as a stepping stone to progress, depending on our personal circumstances and goals.

This 25 minute video will show you how do each of the movements – Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Scissors, Double Leg Lower and Criss Cross. You can then do the flow with or without a break in between each movement, or perform the exercises as stand alone movement practice.

NB This series is not routinely suitable for anyone who has osteoporosis, however there are exceptions, so if you love it and want to do it please check here for more guidance.


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