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Abs series of 5 – explanation with regressions

05 June 2020

The ‘Abs series of 5’ is a fantastic routine which works your body awareness, breath and core through its dynamic flow – developing your strength, flexibility, precision and stamina. However, it is very challenging to do well and many of us, including me, need to have adaptations so we can get the same benefits, understand the key points and develop technique. We can stick with these adaptations or use them as a stepping stone to progress, depending on our personal circumstances and goals.

This 25 minute video will show you how do each of the movements – Single Leg Stretch, Double Leg Stretch, Scissors, Double Leg Lower and Criss Cross. You can then do the flow with or without a break in between each movement, or perform the exercises as stand alone movement practice.

NB This series is not routinely suitable for anyone who has osteoporosis, however there are exceptions, so if you love it and want to do it please check here for more guidance.


Spine Curl, Oyster and Dart – 10 minute session

02 April 2020

This short 10-ish minute routine will take you through Spine Curls with Ribcage Closure, Oysters with progression including Karate Kicks, and finishing with Dart and T arms.

You can increase the reps and add equipment such as bands and weights (aka tins of beans) if you want to add a bit more challenge.

Side Lying Leg Series

03 April 2020

In this exercise sequence you’ll be moving your hip joints with a little bit of help from your feet. Try to keep as still as you can in your pelvis and spine, whilst aiming to achieve your maximum range of movement.

To make this more challenging try adding ankle weights or wrap a band around your foot and anchor it under the hand in front of you to create a bit of resistance.

If you’re following bone health guidance and you’re using weights, make sure you put one on both ankles.

45 minute mixed ability session

04 April 2020

Here’s a 45 minute mat based session which is suitable for all abilities.

You can use your small equipment if you’d like to add a bit more challenge and vary it up a bit.

Feel free to pause the session and do more reps if you’d like it to last longer !

Sorry for the dodgy hair !


Curl Ups

05 April 2020

This session goes through Curl Up technique and gives a couple of variations to add a bit more challenge.

You can also use small equipment as always, to add even more challenge – eg. band around thighs for resistance during Knee Drops or a stability ball under your pelvis.

NB If you have Osteoporosis it’s best to avoid Curl Up type exercises.


30 minute mixed ability Standing Pilates session

14 April 2020

I’ve created this 30 minute standing session to make it easy for you to do anywhere, so it’s perfect if you’ve got limited time or space. You can make it shorter by selecting the particular exercises which you may find helpful on any given day or by doing less reps – or dare I say it, make it LONGER by adding more reps.

NB When you get to Roll Downs, those of you following Bone Health guidelines need to change the Roll Down to Hip Hinge which you will have done earlier on in the session and don’t include the crossed legs – not Lunges as I incorrectly called them, they come next!


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