• I will teach you in a professional manner
  • I will demonstrate exercises, use imagery and cues. I will use hands on correction when necessary
  • There will me a maximum of 12 clients in each session
  • I will prompt you regarding changes to health and injuries at the beginning of the session, please take me to one side if you require confidentiality
  • I will maintain my professional membership, comply with Continuous Professional Development requirements and have appropriate insurance to teach you
  • I will adapt exercises to meet your individual needs based on the information you have given me
  • I will provide equipment and ensure it’s in good working order


  • I aim to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in class where questions are expected to help you get the most out of your session
  • It’s important we respect the need for clients to have relative quiet to enable mindful movement, which also enables me to teach and observe. I reserve the right to challenge disruptive behaviour for the benefit of the group
  • In the rare event that behaviour is incompatible with the class, the client will be refunded the full amount for the remaining classes
  • Classes ARE NOT drop in unless by prior arrangement
  • New clients need to have a 1-1 before joining an established class to give them the basics and keep them safe

Re-enrolment / Payment

  • Clients will be contacted by e-mail the penultimate week of the block giving details of the next block. As a current client you will be given priority. If you don’t use e-mail I will provide you with a letter
  • Full payment in advance for the block is required and guarantees your place. The class price is £10 – the block price is a discounted price.
  • I don’t offer refunds but provide the Swapboard to help you catch up, please ask for help if you need help to use it. It is password protected and you will be given the password once payment for your place is received
  • Catchups need to be made in the same block so please plan ahead. However if you unexpectedly miss the last session of the block it may be possible to do it in the next block space permitting
  • If clients can’t commit to a block due to holiday etc you can do the PAYG option of £10 by prior arrangement only and space permitting
  • Payment to be ideally be made by BACS, cash or card via my card reader. Please no cheques.
  • If class is cancelled by me I will give affected clients a full refund for that class or you can carry a credit over to the next block, whichever you prefer. I will always aim to give you as much notice as possible and it will only happen in extenuating circumstances


  • It remains your responsibility to let me know of any changes to your health or fitness status
  • Hands on correction is a very effective way to learn but if  you do not want it please advise me
  • Do not come to class if you are not fit to participate, it may not be safe to teach you and it will count as a class taken. Use the swapboard instead. Contact me to discuss if you’re not sure
  • I will give you adaptations to keep you safe, if you do not take my advice I cannot be responsible for any injuries you might incur If you don’t understand why I have altered a movement for you please ask
  • Classes start promptly, please ensure you arrive in time. If you know you’re going to be late please let me know
  • If you’re unable to complete the block due to unexpected illness, operations etc please discuss options with me
  • I’m always pleased for you to make personal recommendations but out of respect for all please don’t bring a new client to class. Please ask them to contact me



  • The host is required to complete a booking form and pay a £250 deposit to secure their chosen date. The deposit will be refunded in full if there are 5 paying guests minimum, or it is cancelled before 5pm the Sunday before the retreat is due to run (see below)
  • All participants must complete an enrolment form and return it to me 2 full weeks prior to the event so I can tailor the programme to the individuals attending. If a guest has a condition or injury which would make it unsafe for them to participate I will contact them ASAP, advise them and ask them to liaise with the host if necessary


  • All participating guests must have paid in full by 5pm the Sunday prior to the retreat by BACS. If this does not happen I reserve the right to cancel the retreat, the £250 deposit becomes non-refundable at this point as a cancellation fee. Cancellation before this time will not result in a charge and guests who have already paid will be reimbursed in full
  • In the event that numbers drop below the minimum number of 6 (5 paying guests) the host and existing guests have the option to make up the cost to enable the retreat to continue. If they subsequently find someone to take the empty space no additional payment will be required, as long as I have been given time to check the guests enrolment details to ensure it is a suitable event for them
  • If an individual needs to cancel because they’ve developed an injury or symptom making it unsafe for them to participate please see the point above. If it occurs on the morning of the retreat please see the last point of the section below
  • If an unforeseen event occurs meaning I have to cancel the event at short notice i.e. after 5pm the Sunday before the retreat is due to run, I will reimburse all payments in full. I will also reimburse additional costs incurred by the host up to the value of £400, please keep your receipts. You will of course, be given the option to transfer your retreat to another date if you prefer


  • The host does not have to participate in the Pilates element of their retreat. A host may prefer to focus their attentions on the setting and social elements of their weekend and this is perfectly acceptable
  • The host is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate and adequate insurance to host a retreat at their own premises or premises hired by them for the purpose of the retreat
  • The host will ensure I have all the details I need to get to the venue in a timely way
  • It’s not unusual for a last minute guest to want to join in where there’s space, but please be aware that the Pilates programme is bespoke, drawing on the information I’ve received in advance from the enrolment forms. To keep all involved safe, and to avoid disappointment please let me know of potential ‘late joiners’ ASAP. I will certainly include them if at all possible and payment can be made on the day by BACS, card or cash, however please be aware that in some circumstances I may have to turn them away
  • It is the responsibility of all participants to declare any changes to the information they’ve given on their enrolment form so I can make last minute adaptations where necessary. In the rare event that a participant has a newly developed condition or symptom on the day, making it unsafe for them to participate in the Pilates element of the retreat, they will receive a 50% refund at my discretion. In this event I would be happy for them to observe and experience the rest of the retreat although the final decision would be with the host

NB If the retreat is planned as a last minute event and the time frames cannot fairly be met, the host and I will agree an alternative time frame

Personal information

  • I will use information provided in the Client Enrolment Form, and any other information I may later collect, for teaching and communication purposes only
  • This information will be used in confidence and stored securely and will not in any circumstances be shared with a third party without your written consent
  • Your information will be retained by me for a period of time such as complies with professional, legal and insurance requirements
  • You may unsubscribe from e-mails at any time. In the event that you wish to unsubscribe I will explain how this may affect our communication and discuss alternatives
  • Please be aware my website uses cookies and plug-ins to operate
  • Each social media platform may collect specific data not listed here and I have no control over how third-party platforms collect or use your personal information. So please be aware of this when engaging with me via Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Take a look at FAQs if you have any questions not covered on this page. If it’s not answered there please contact me