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Spine curls

SPINE CURLS are an amazing all rounder and if you were only ever going to do three or four exercises as homework, this would be one I would include. I really like how this teacher demonstrates it with her client. It’s very clear and precise, she includes all the main watch areas, so rather than reinvent the wheel I thought I’d share it.

To help with the connection of the adductors (inner thigh) and to maintain a stable pelvis remember to keep your big toes in contact with the mat as well as the heel and little toes. You can place some cushions or a squishy ball between your knees to help with alignment and connection too.

Image result for spine curl imageYou can also cue lengthening your knees away as you peel your pelvis off the mat to help open up the front of the hips. Keep the focus on this action rather than lifting from the ribs as mentioned in the demo. Lifting the ribs will arch the lower back and possibly go into your neck like the lady in this picture.

Once you’re ‘au fait’ with it you can add in additional challenge such as arms lengthened up to the ceiling, Ribcage Closure, Knee Drops, Single Knee Folds or if more advanced the classical Shoulder Bridge move!

Bridge will bring you up to the same lifted position but you don’t flex the spine, it’s designed to strengthen the spine in the neutral position. So the focus is pushing through the feet to lift the hips keeping your pelvis level. Fully open them by activating your glutes. Again watch that you’re not arching your back and lifting from your ribs! Flex at the hips to come back down staying in neutral so the small of your back shouldn’t touch down first. If you’re not sure exaggerate the move by feeling for the mat with your bum then refine it so you’ve got a neutral spine only. To progress lift arms into the shoulder drop position so your legs and core have to work harder.

Add variation by interchanging your Spine curl and Bridge as you lift and lower.




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