Pregnancy is a completely natural process, it’s what the female body was designed for! However, as this amazing transformation happens, your body needs support to be able to safely go through the various stages, into labour, delivery and beyond. Pilates can very effectively support this process whilst keeping you safe and as relaxed as possible.


  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Better posture to support your growing bump and for breast feeding
  • Core strengthening to safely support your pelvis and spine to reduce back and pelvic pain and get you back to ‘normal’
  • Learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor and release it!
  • Improved balance, co-ordination and body awareness so you can move better
  • Great opportunity to meet other mums and ‘little friends’

Once you’re 16 weeks pregnant or 6 weeks post delivery (12 weeks post Caesarean section) and have permission from your doctor or midwife, it’s safe to do Pilates.

Every ‘body’ and pregnancy is unique and 1-1 sessions are an ideal way to provide you with a bespoke programme. There are different considerations for each stage and I can give you safe and effective exercise plans appropriate for your very individual needs.

If after an initial 1-1 you’d like to consider joining a regular class this is certainly possible. I’m happy to offer ‘drop ins’ (space permitting), which is a more practical approach given the various demands on your time and body, meaning you don’t have the financial commitment of purchasing a block of sessions, although you are welcome to do this.

As part of an initial assessment I will need specific information from you regarding your general health, experience of Pilates and pre and postnatal history.  It’s all covered in the enrolment form which you can download here. Complete it and bring it to the first session, but if it raises any queries for you or feel I need to be aware of anything sooner, please contact me.





By Appointment

First visit / assessment

Flexible location

The first visit will take you through an assessment process so we can establish your individual needs and goals based around your individual make-up. Duration: 1.5 hours.

Price £50 per session

By Appointment

Follow-up sessions

Flexible location

Duration: 1 hour

Price £40 per session

Buy a block of 5 and get your 6th free