One to One

I love teaching one to one’s because they are an excellent way for you to get individualised tuition, and if you’re prepared to do ‘homework’ you’ll find that you progress really quickly.

Personalised programmes are particularly beneficial if:

  • you’re new to Pilates and want to join an established class
  • you’re recovering from an injury and need time and attention to target your specific issue(s)
  • you’re part of a ‘special population’ such as pregnant or have osteoporosis
  • you’re ‘in training’ for a specific sporting event such as a triathlon
  • you have a sporting hobby such as cross fit, golf, tennis, running, cycling or horse riding and want to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury
  • enjoy your mat class and want some time to work on an element of movement you find challenging, or want to improve your technique so you can progress to the more challenging variations of the exercises
  • want to learn Pilates but have concerns/anxieties about joining a group

First session is £50 for 90 minutes

This will include a postural assessment, health review with exploration of your specific goals followed by a selection of exercises chosen to meet your specific needs. You will receive a programme to complete at home.

Follow-up sessions are £40 for 60 minutes

These sessions will work on your bespoke programme which will be reviewed and adapted as you progress and/or your goals change

NB If you’re new to Pilates and want to join an established class the price is discounted to £20 for 60 minutes

One to ones are done at my home in my Pilates room or at your home (a travel charge may apply), please contact me to discuss.


Her enthusiasm and love of Pilates really helps you feel motivated and gets you making progress

Alyna Agnew - mat class and 1-1 client