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My Retreat is actually Your Retreat

Historically Retreats used to be purely for the very spiritual and religious or a self-indulgent luxury afforded only by the rich and famous, and as a result many of us would not have thought a Retreat was appropriate for us!?

Luckily this is no longer the case, Retreats are fab, I love them and feel that as a concept they have something to offer everyone. Whether it’s a two week trip to Morocco to paint or a weekend in your local village hall learning about complimentary therapies. Social media and the web are absolutely full of great ideas and events, making it easy to find a Retreat which fits with your passions, personal circumstances and budget.

Why a Retreat?

Modern life should be way easier than it was for our ‘caveman’ ancestors, but all we can know is the one we’re living – and sometimes it’s blooming hard!!! Thanks to research and the news we know more and more about the pressures of living in the 21st century. Increasing levels of anxiety and depression can cause emotional, mental and physical stress and ill-health, affecting our work, personal relationships and wider community – in a myriad of ways.

A Retreat gives us ‘permission’ to take time out and provides us with a period of distraction where we can focus on something that interests and connects us with like minded people. Having mental space in this way can help us gain clarity, potentially returning us more motivated, focused, determined, decisive, able, happy, fulfilled, appreciative, resilient…….

With this in mind and having done your research, if you love Pilates and want a Retreat, but don’t want to buy one ‘off the shelf’ – consider hosting Your Retreat.

Your Retreat

Pilates and all the benefits it has to offer underpins Your Retreat, and I’ve outlined a few ideas about how Your Retreat could look.

Full on Pilates Retreat – 8 one hour sessions spread over the 2 days interspersed with dining and socialising provided by you as host. This is perfect if you really want to indulge in Pilates in your own private space without strangers! You may love Pilates and want to focus on the precision of movement or you are new to it and want to get a good understanding so you can join regular classes without looking like ‘the newbie’.

Pilates inspired weekend – this may appeal to you if you’d like to do a couple of sessions a day without a schedule, because you’d also like to sort out other activities such as walking, paddle boarding, kayaking, running, crafting, the pub!!! – anything it’s your weekend so I’m happy to fit in with your plans.

Party for a friend – Your Retreat could be created with a special friend in mind. Whether it’s a birthday or another special occasion, you get to really indulge them, setting up your space for maximum impact – I’m thinking photos, props, music, lighting……..

Pregnancy Hen Party – it’s a bit random but a fact that pregnant women get married! At this special and demanding time, a tranquil weekend learning about posture and movement to support your ‘pregnancy journey’ could be a fantastic way to bond with your bridesmaids. The weekend would be geared towards the pregnant body but your friends would not have to get pregnant to join you!!!

These scenarios and others can be done either in the intimacy of your own home or in a venue you’ve hired especially for Your Retreat, a wealth of which we have in Salcombe and the surrounding area of the South Hams, Devon. Please call to chat an idea through without any commitment if this appeals to you.

If mine is not what you’re looking for but you love the idea of taking time out to use a different part of your brain and re-connect with yourself and other like minded souls – get a brew, sit down and get on the internet to check out the possibilities, I’m sure there will be something there for you x

It’s the mind itself which shapes the body

– J Pilates


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