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Some movements such as loaded flexion are considered risky for anyone with osteoporosis or low bone density. This is  due to the additional pressure experienced by the bones in the affected area especially spine, hips, wrists and ribs which are weaker and could cause pain or a fracture. Loaded flexion (curving the spine), loaded rotation (twisting) and any other movement which puts significant pressure through these bones are contraindicated.

Strength/endurance/balance exercise strategies are much more beneficial – and there is a large body of evidence to support this. The Royal Osteoporosis Society is a great resource with evidence, exercise guidance and other supportive material re nutrition and treatment – please look here.

Exception – some contraindicated movements can still be performed with caution and modification such as ‘Abs series of 5’.  Here your back should be propped up on a foam wedge or similar to reduce the load on your spine. You should be proficient at least to intermediate standard, have been practicing for a long time and know that you have good body awareness and technique. Exercises such as Rolling Like A Ball, Roll Overs etc are totally contraindicated and you should exchange for a different exercise.

If you’ve had a spinal fracture at any point thought to be related to osteoporosis, you are strongly advised to stick to the pure guidelines without exceptions.

If any of this applies to you there is no need to worry or be frightened about movement, there is much you can do to increase your physical health and strengthen your bones. Make sure you are taught by a teacher who has done additional training, and don’t be afraid to ask, teachers will welcome the additional information and this is the best way for you to stay safe and experience a proactive exercise strategy.

Yes I’ve got a unique approach to a retreat, I come to you! The idea is that the retreat is run by the host over a weekend, it’s entirely their event structured around a bespoke 8 session programme. The programme can be a traditional wellness and movement weekend or have a particular theme such as pregnancy, osteoporosis or complete beginners. It can also be geared towards something more specific like training for a skiing holiday or a sporting event such as a triathlon, the choice is yours. If you’d like to know more click here.

Your place will be held for you with payment only. Any places that are not paid for by the published date will be open to new enquiries.

I have mats but it’s more hygienic for you to have your own and it might encourage you to do some homework!

It will not be necessary for you to buy any other small equipment, however if you would like to buy some items to bring to class or to practice with at home I can help advise you.

If you’re having a home visit I may add an additional mileage charge. This won’t be added without your knowledge, I will discuss with you at the time of booking. This will be dependent on how far I will have to travel to get to you.

Yes if you’re signing up for 2 classes per week the price is £15.

Please contact me to discuss venues or to book.


The sessional rate is £8.75 so you will pay for the remaining classes in the block in a single payment.

I’m more than happy to welcome PAYG students in certain circumstances, space permitting. The price is £10 space permitting. If you’d like to do an additional class and  have already paid for a block of sessions you can PAYG at the sessional rate in any of my other classes with an available mat.

If you would like to do a second class regularly click here.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like more information or to book a place.

I now operate a swap board which is a password protected facility for students to hand back sessions they are going to miss and take up spaces available at other venues. Sessions can be handed back up to two hours before there session is due to start.

At the moment the facility doesn’t enable missed lessons to be reclaimed so wherever possible please hand it back, this way it keeps the system moving. In certain circumstances I can provide you with a replacement.

If you miss your ‘catch up’ lesson then it is treated as spent/taken.

You can find your password with the e-mail confirming your block booking, however please contact me if you can’t find it.

Your payment for a block of classes guarantees a space for you each week. I run a Swapboard to help you catch up on missed classes. Once you’ve enrolled for the block you’ll receive a password to access the board. Its very straightforward but please contact me if you need help.

If you’re going to be a away for most of the block and would like to protect your space please click here.

I can offer a £30 ‘holding’ fee so that your mat is reserved for you. This offer aims to help those who have perhaps a medical procedure booked or are on a ‘BIG’ holiday.

This reduced fee cannot be offered on a frequent basis. If you can make 3 of the classes in that block you are welcome to attend but please inform me of your dates. Naturally I cannot hold a space without payment.

Please contact me if this is the case.

Yes you can certainly join a class with an empty mat for the Pay As You Go rate of £10. I would need to do an initial 1 to 1 (discounted price of £20) to make sure I’m aware of any particular issues you have and to give you the basics so you can  get the most out of the class.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss or book.

Good alignment especially during movement is crucial. I use a variety of methods to guide you through the exercises including watching, verbal cues, demonstration and  hands on only when necessary. I understand that for some people this can be very challenging. Please let me know if you have any particular concerns so we can work around them.

You can wear anything which is relatively loose so that you can move easily. I need to be able to see how your body moves so relatively form fitting is ideal such as leggings/track pants and a t-shirt (not too big). Some exercises involve sliding your feet so it’s best to bring a pair of socks too.

I provide mats and head cushions, etc. However if you want to bring your own mat, water or a towel, please do.

Pilates requires you to engage your deep abdominal muscles and some of the exercises are quite strenuous therefore I don’t advise you to eat a significant meal less than 2 hours before your session. Alcohol is not advised.

It is not advisable for you to come to your class if you’re not feeling well or have a new acute problem. It may also be necessary for you to see a health care professional to get permission to come back to class depending on the nature of the problem, I want to keep you as safe as possible. Please  contact me as soon as you know you won’t be attending so we can arrange a catch up class for you. If it’s more complicated we can discuss the options.

You should always work within the limits of your own body so if something doesn’t feel right, let me know and I can adapt the exercise to suit you. I will never make you do something you are not comfortable with and will always give options for the more challenging exercises so you can work at your own level. If you have any questions during the classes please ask, my classes are interactive so you get the best out of the session.

Having a diagnosis of osteoporosis does not prevent you from practicing Pilates, in fact it can help you enormously but there are special safety considerations that a teacher should take into account when devising a programme for you. I have completed a specialist course so I can teach you safely making  adaptations so you can participate in the group class whilst improving the areas which will give you the most benefit. If you would like any further information please contact me.

I’m qualified and insured to teach 16 year olds upwards.

FAQ Form

If you have a question not already covered please let me know.

I know we’re there to ‘move’ better, which we do thanks to her useful cues and demos, but the banters great too so I really look forward to going. Thank you.

Sue Makin - mat class client
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