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Spine curls

11 July 2018

SPINE CURLS are an amazing all rounder and if you were only ever going to do three or four exercises as homework, this would be one I would include. I really like how this teacher demonstrates it with her client. It’s very clear and precise, she includes all the main watch areas, so rather than…

Should I be doing Pilates homework?

15 June 2018

The real question should be – can my one hour weekly Pilates session sort me out? – and the honest answer is NO not as much as you’d like. Have a read of this short article – it’s brief! And she’s right – a Pilates class once a week, no matter how good your teacher…

STRESS – Musings of a Pilates teacher

16 May 2018

I would imagine all of us have been ‘stressed’ at one point or another, whether that’s from situations which put us under pressure (aka external stressors), our unique response to dealing with these situations or in a lot of cases – both! Some stress can be motivating and makes us feel alert (probably the adrenaline)…

What actually IS Pilates ?

09 May 2018

Joseph H. Pilates started to develop an exercise regime in the 1920’s to help him recover from  childhood illnesses. He became fascinated by the power of the body to heal itself believing that bad posture, a modern lifestyle and in-efficient breathing led to poor health – OMG how he would freak out if he were…

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