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What is Social Prescribing and can I help?

04 October 2018

I’ve had 30 amazing years in nursing and came off the register last month to pursue my Pilates career full time. In those years I’ve experienced a wide and varied range of health care interventions and initiatives as you can imagine, and Social Prescribing stands out for me as the most inclusive, cost effective, achievable…

Use it or lose it!!!

23 September 2018

I’m writing this very quick blog in response to a conversation I had with a really lovely lady I bump into fairly regularly. She does a physical job and she made a throw away comment that she’d love to give it a go but if she got down on the mat she knew she wouldn’t…

Osteoporosis – is there anything I should know?

14 September 2018

I’ve written this blog to help some of my clients understand why I run a specific Bone Health class and choose to teach certain exercises whilst completely omitting other exercises (that may have been favourited by some more experienced Pilates fans) from my general classes. I’ve linked in a variety of references which you can…

Diamond press

21 July 2018

This teacher calls this exercise the basic Swan but Body Control call it the DIAMOND PRESS, different name but the same exercise. It’s fantastic for strengthening the upper spine and is a start position for some of the more challenging exercises we do, however it’s a brilliant exercise in its own right too! In class,…

Cat and Extended Cat

21 July 2018

CAT and EXTENDED CAT are fantastic ways of gently flexing and extending the spine whilst strengthening the wrists and shoulders. In class we talk about how we tend to push into the thoracic spine (mid back) too easily – convincing ourselves that we’re getting even flexibility through the spine when we aren’t. This teacher shows…

The Dart

20 July 2018

The DART is an excellent exercise for strengthening your whole back line and is really safe. I’m a sucker for a Geordie accent so have used this teacher again because I particularly like how she shows you the safest version and discusses core activation, just like we do in class. My only additional comment about…

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