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10 minute exercise sequence

19 July 2019

Here’s a very brief movement plan to keep you going outside of class. It will literally take 10 minutes if that, and is safe to do every day!!! Aim to do up to 8 sets of each – and if you’ve got small equipment to add challenge please feel free to use it. If you…


19 July 2019

Oyster usually referred to as Clam by Physios, is a brilliant exercise to strengthen the hips and we do a lot of these in class. The first demo gives the basics version and the second one shows the elevated foot position which gives us a bit more hip range. Watch point – try not to…

Hip Rolls

19 July 2019

We love Hip Rolls in class, they’re great for feeling the sequential rotation of the lower spine and the head turn gives a nice oppositional rotation and release. The below demo is uncomplicated and clear showing how the rotation happens. NB The narrator talks about the movement coming from the knees but I prefer to…

Plank and Side Plank

19 July 2019

Plank and Side Plank are awesome for shoulder and core strength but you need to be precise about your alignment, particularly shoulder and pelvis/lumbar spine. I think this demo shows a really achievable progression through to the full exercise. The musculature of the demonstrator lets us see how the muscles engage as we move. And…

Classical Pilates – Series of 5 Abdominal Exercises

19 June 2019

The series of 5 ‘Ab’ exercises is part of Joseph Pilates classical repertoire and if done with focus, precision and attention to breathing, it can be a superb routine for your core. I love this video by Lottie Murphy who is also a Body Control Pilates teacher. She does really lovely demo’s with clear and helpful instruction.…

My Retreat is actually Your Retreat

02 May 2019

Historically Retreats used to be purely for the very spiritual and religious or a self-indulgent luxury afforded only by the rich and famous, and as a result many of us would not have thought a Retreat was appropriate for us!? Luckily this is no longer the case, Retreats are fab, I love them and feel…

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