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Sciatic stretches

26 July 2019

This link shows a variety of stretches including the Pigeon stretch. There’s something in here to suit all of us. If you’d like more information especially on Pigeon stretch please have a look on YouTube – there’s loads of demo’s and quite a few variations in approach, but again something for everyone depending on flexibility…

30 minute exercise sequence

26 July 2019

Here’s a longer movement plan to keep you going outside of class. It will take 20 – 30 minutes, and is safe to do every day!!! Aim to do up to 8 sets of each – and if you’ve got small equipment to add challenge please feel free to use it. If you click on…

Pilates Squats

26 July 2019

Pilates Squats are a great functional movement, we do them in our daily lives frequently so we might as well do them well. There can be a tendency especially as we get older to flex from the knees first – but this is not the biggest joint in the chain, the hips are and this…

Arm Openings

26 July 2019

Arm Openings are a great way to experience sequential rotation of the spine. Rotation lying on the floor in this position means that you benefit from feedback from the surface you’re lying to help you to work out what’s moving when! Gravity also means that you get some shoulder girdle strengthening too. This is a…

Standing Side Reach

26 July 2019

This is a great way to lengthen the spine in pure lateral flexion. There are different ways of cuing this movement, some people do it from the head but personally I feel you gain more core focus and control by initiating the movement from the ribs.  So in class we talk about lifting the bottom…

Rest Position

26 July 2019

Rest position is also known as Child’s Pose in Yoga. It’s a really lovely stretch as an exercise in itself, or use it as we do in class to release before we transition into another start position and exercise. It’s also gives really lovely feedback for lateral breathing practice! The demonstrator in the clip has…

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